About us

Elekt was founded in 2018 by the founders Arnt Inge, Tom Reinert Johansen og Kim Bjerkevoll. Today, we have 13 employees with backgrounds in the electricity, IT, and communications industries.

Our mission at Elekt is to empower people to become masters of their electricity bills. We understand that managing energy costs can be overwhelming, which is why we strive to provide our app users with the best possible overview of their electricity and grid rental costs.

By doing so, we enable them to take control of their energy consumption and gain a sense of mastery over their electricity usage. At Elekt, we believe that when people have the tools and knowledge they need to manage their electricity usage effectively, they can make more informed decisions and achieve greater energy savings.


Before Christmas in 2022, our app became the most downloaded app in Denmark, and since then, we've experienced an incredible surge in users. In 2022, Elekt was named one of the best companies in personal finance in Norway by bytt.no. We were recognized as a customer favorite and awarded the title of best energy supplier for several consecutive months. This means we know electricity consumers well and we're well-equipped to deliver on our mission of building a energy mastery app that engages!

We're proud to have a dedicated team and to develop all our technology in-house, which has led to innovative solutions that benefit our customers. In 2022, we were also named the PSD2 newcomer of the year by Shifter. With solid investors and a highly competent board, we have the best of both worlds: the drive and ambition of a tech startup and the resources to do what we do best!

Our goal is to engage and empower the masses, allowing people to experience the satisfaction of mastering their electricity. We're comparable to other mastery apps like Strava, Lifesum, Kron, and Dreams - but we focus on electricity!

- It's crazy, exciting, and incredibly motivating.

We're proud of what we've accomplished so far, and we're ready to take Europe by storm!