Say hello to the team

Elekt is a technology company, started by a small group of passionate professionals who are dedicated to helping people master their electricity!

We are a team of 13 employees with diverse backgrounds, and we believe in embracing differences because it creates valuable diversity. Get to know some of us below👋

Arnt Inge Sætern, Founder and CEO

Arnt Inge is a genuinely friendly guy who brings the values from his hometown. He is originally from Hattfjelldal in northern Norway. He believes that anything is possible as long as you are willing to work hard, have good manners, and can be trusted. He comes from the management team of Trønderenergi and has worked in the power industry for 20 years, in addition to being a trained civil engineer.

"I thrive in an environment where everyone has a strong desire to succeed together, and where we create products and services that add value to customers' daily lives."

At Elekt, we also strongly believe that a small group of dedicated people can make a big difference. This is something we aim to prove as we now revolutionize the power industry for the benefit of all electricity customers.

Tom Reinert Johansen, Founder and CFO

Before starting his entrepreneurial journey in Elekt, Tom was the CEO of TrønderEnergi Marked. He has a background in the military where he worked for almost 10 years, including as the head of the Music Troop in the King's Guard, and he is a trained economist. He is skilled in creative processes supported by a systematic structure and, most importantly, Tom is passionate about innovation.

"I have always been interested in anything that makes life easier, cheaper or more comfortable, whether it's CDs/mini discs in the 90s or electric cars and food delivery right to your door in more recent times.

My thoughts often wander to everyday problems that I see are not solved, and that someone should find a solution to. For example, how we can solve the time crunch of grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning up afterwards.

Becoming an entrepreneur is, in a way, the ultimate "test" where one must fully trust oneself, one's co-founders, and eventually other colleagues. It is also very satisfying to feel that you are helping to solve real people's everyday problems."

Kim Bjerkevoll, Founder

Kim joined the entrepreneurial journey after more than 20 years of experience in technology development at companies such as DNB and Powel. He has ensured that we have built a solid technology platform and made the impossible possible. Kim holds a degree in Computer Science and is committed to developing new and innovative solutions that benefit our customers.

"As a development team, we have a simple vision - We should move quickly with high quality. To achieve that, we must have courage, be solution-oriented, leverage the opportunities of technology, and release updates regularly!" 🚀

Johnny Mathisen, Scrummaster / Senior developer

Being a developer at Elekt is a developer job that's a little out of the ordinary, where you contribute to success in cross-functional tasks. If you like a varied workday with exciting challenges, this is the job for you.

The development team is a group with a broad range of skill areas. Some are very skilled in coding, some are experts in integration, others are good at describing through design sketches, while others have a solid understanding and overview of all the processes in our system.

This makes us a great workplace where everyone plays an important role in the development team. 💪

Maren Kamp, CMO

Maren has a background in data-driven marketing and automation of digital marketing activities. Before joining the Elekt team, she worked in the management team as Chief Digitalisation Officer and Growth Director at an international technology company, responsible for, among other things, product development and business development.

"In Elekt, I saw a unique opportunity to join an exciting journey where I was allowed to be part of creating something completely new. Everything is in place for us to continue succeeding, and I am sure that these will be some of the most educational years of my career!"

Magnus Rosenvinge Hjelle, CPO

Magnus has a degree in Business Administration and has worked for 7 years in the energy industry, mainly with marketing and business development. He believes that electricity has gone from being uninteresting to receiving the attention it deserves, and that smart use of electricity will characterize the coming years.

"On the one hand, we need to change our consumption habits when it comes to electricity so that there is enough electricity in the grid to electrify everything that currently uses fossil fuels. On the other hand, there will be increasingly more savings for consumers who shift some of their electricity consumption to cheap hours of the day. Elekt will help customers make it easy and profitable to adjust their electricity consumption."